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Hosley 5 oz. Rustic Sandalwood Fragrance Chunky Potpourri

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-PRODUCT: Hosley's Rustic Sandalwood Chunky Potpourri - 5 Oz
-USE: The potpourri is perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room's decor. The potpourri will diffuse a pleasant Rustic Sandalwood fragrance into the air. Perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, aromatherapy,Spa, Reiki, Meditation, Bathroom setting.
-BENEFITS: Hosley potpourri are fragranced with essentials oils to create a highly fragrance Aroma use with Hosley's vases, bowls, and planters. Freshen Every room in your home with Beautify lasting Fragrances.
-MEASUREMENTS/MATERIAL: Made from fragranced natural plants and 5 oz. bag.

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