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Hosley 10 Inch High Resin Owl Indoor and Outdoor Statue/ Incense Cone Smoking Owl Holder

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Hosley's 10" High, Smoking Owl Incense Cone Holder is designed and crafted around the realistic owls you see in the wild. This holder is designed for 1.25" high incense cones. The smoke of the incense cone comes thru openings in the owl including the ears. Hosley's incense burners are the perfect addition to any room's décor. Our incense burners are designed to perk up your favorite incense as it releases fragrance into the air. Whether you use it in the living room, bedroom, study, or in the office, the pleasant aroma can bring a feeling of physical and mental pleasure. Even if you don't burn the incense it can be used as a very beautiful ornament (Hosley incense sticks and cones sold separately).

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