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Hosley Set of 10, 8 inch Diameter, Glass Mirror Round Pillar Candle Plates

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-PRODUCT: Hosley's Glass Mirror Pillar Plate, Set of 10
-USES: These are just the right gift for a wedding and can be used for a party, reiki, spa. The plates can use Hosley's own pillar candles of various sizes whether scented or unscented candles.
-BENEFITS: They can accent your home or office for the right decor with either scented or unscented pillar candles and plates can work together to create unique effects.
-MEASUREMENTS/MATERIAL: Each one measures 8" diameter, a set of 10 and is made of glass mirror.
-HOSLEY BRAND PRODUCTS: Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage at every step of production. With the goal of achieving a neutral carbon footprint, please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations.

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