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Visit us at 3039 Granville Street April 12th from 6-8pm for the launch of ONE Spring-Summer collection and the Grand Opening of our store. ONE marks the rebirth of Vancouver based 18KARAT. Under the new artistic direction of Kenneth Torrance the brand has been infused with a fresh take on 18KARAT's longstanding roots in nature and storytelling.

ONE is punched with themes of rebirth in dramatic bursts of grass, poppy and canary. Classic whites, grays and ink tones fill out the collection, speaking of storytelling and the journey. Some of ONE's key pieces are Antidote bottles, Chapters vases and Epoch brass bowls. Reminiscent of old gin bottles, Antidote vases are a perfect balance of modern and nostalgic. Chapters' forms hold true to 18KARAT's classic elegance while their ridged texture is reminiscent of stacked books. Epoch's rich, hand pounded surfaces exemplify ONE's mission to share stories of materials, the people who have made them and the people who connect with them.

18KARAT's passion for simple design inspired by nature and traditional crafts has sparked a timeless collection.

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3039 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: 604-742-1880
Email: store@eighteenkarat.com

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