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We're excited to be exhibiting in North Carolina at the High Point Market show from October 13th - 18th, 2012 in the Straaton Showroom, D320. For more information regarding the show please visit the official website here.


NOURISHMENT. Every one of us needs it. 18KARAT’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection encompasses reflections of natures harvest.

As our urban lifestyles take over our sense of self we tend to forget about the roots of our being. We lose our connection with the ever giving Earth. 18KARAT brings us back home with products grounded in nature. This season's inspiration arose from the mind shift of summer to fall, getting ready to bundle up yet reap the rewards of the summer Earth’s harvest.

This collection speaks of a materiality. It is designed to draw out thoughts of how we are nourished by the Earth and how we are essentially products of what we eat. Each piece is delicately and thoughtfully designed to give any home a sense of grounding.


One of the greatest pleasures in gardening is finding the perfect accessory to complement your heart's labour. The Pangaea is everyone's delight. Like gardening it is the work of someone who has perfected their art through love, time and appreciation. Standing strong, natural and raw, it looks like an artifact dug up from an archaeological site. Although handmade, it tells a story of natural beginnings. The eroded finish is fascinating. A stunning accessory for any gardener, indoor or out.


Our famous LEMON SALE is approaching really soon.

Come join us from August 10th to September 3rd for one-of-a-kind samples at our retail store on Granville Street. Our store will also have several items on promotion, including furniture. 

Come and get them before they are gone.

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