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by Jennifer Pettapiece
Design Expert
When the days get shorter, I love to embrace the moodiness of darker hours — these unorthodox candle holders radiate warmth, and create abundant atmosphere.

Luxa Vase

The rainbow lustre of the Luxa Vase shimmers beautifully with candle light.

Design tip: Fill vase with some sand to create a stable base for the tealight candle.

Unexpected Votives - Luxa Vases

Nebula Vase

For a moody ambiance, light a candle inside the Nebula Vase to reveal it's speckled, starry qualities. The light is remiscent of the soothing burning of embers.

Unexpected Votives - Nebula vase

Litus Vase

The Litus Ball Vase has a frosted texture that beautifully diffuses candle light. These can make great accents and centerpieces for your holiday entertaining.

Unexpected votives - Litus vase

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