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By Edie Gyorki
By Edie Gyorki
Garden Design Expert
In color theory, turquoise is known to uplift the spirit and bring a friendly balance to your space. Here are some ways you can add some touches of turquoise to rejuvenate your home.

It only takes a bit of turquoise to make a large statement. A solid (and cozy) alpaca wool throw will do the trick.

Design tip: Don't you love it when even your Pangea Planter has a hint of turquoise? Simply add a top layer of colored rocks or glass to enhance your plantings.

Touch of Turquoise - Perch Chair

My dining room was starting to look a little too "matchy". So I took a great shade of turquoise and painted my Mu Chairs.

Finish with a couple of great accents and artwork, and my dining room is on trend.

Also shown:
Mu bench
Allia ball vase
Horizon Giclée

Touch of Turquoise - Dining Room

Just a bit of turquoise goes a long way. I've grounded this space with a touch of black, yet the room is still bright and fresh.

Also shown: Selenite Terminated stone

Touch of Turquoise - living room

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