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More gold, more sparkle and more glam! We love bringing nature into our homes for the holidays. Here are five ways to do it diva style!

1. Suspend realistic ICICLE ORNAMENTS around a light to create a dramatic, shimmering chandelier.

Icicles chandelier

2. Use fresh evergreen branches in your prettiest VASES to bring your room alive with a pop of color and a festive aroma… plus they’re free if you have a fir tree in your garden!

3. Spray paint BOTANICALS in golds, silvers and coppers to create modern and festive accents.

4. For a splash of color fresh from nature float cranberries in VASES and in DRINK GLASSES.

Fill glass vessels with cranberries.

5. Fill an earthy ceramic BOWL with sparkly ORNAMENTS make an eye-catching centerpiece.

Place ornaments in an earthy bowl.

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