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A luscious glow emanating from within the Crystal Resin vases can enhance it's glamorous appeal. It's perfect for impressing guests in spaces that entertain. Or, simply let it serve as relaxing mood lighting in and around the home.

Gently tip over your CRYSTAL RESIN VASE onto its side to easily access the bottom cap.

For your light cord, we recommend using the HEMMA light cord from Ikea for indoor use (Sold separately).

For outdoor use, we recommend using an outdoor-rated cord and bulb set, available at your local home improvement store. Outdoor Christmas lights work well too!

Twist and pull off the cap. Keep the cap stored somewhere safe.

Insert your cord and light set through the opening. Make sure it is securely placed inside.

Carefully lift your vase back onto its base, and marvel in it's glow. Display them with plants or in multiples for enhanced effect.

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