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FLAMMA GARDEN STAKES are one of those modern home accessories that can fit into any d├ęcor because they be used in so many different ways. We love how unique and versatile this product is and best of all it was designed by our own design director Zoe Garred.

Here are 4 ways Flamma could brighten up your garden or home for the holidays.

1. Terrariums are incredibly popular. Add ornamental accents such as dried botanicals, gemstones, or figurines to personalize your lush orbs.

2. Float flower heads for a relaxing, spa-like feel. They look spectacular with any kind of flower, so pick your faves and try new ones throughout the year.

3. Fill with water, cranberries and floating candles for festive flair. Perfect for setting the mood while you entertain over the holidays. Use other berries and citrus medallions for other occasions.

4. Simply use rocks or sand at the bottom to create a stable base for traditional votive candles. Use them in clusters or line them along a pathway to create a magical impression.

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