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by Jeannine Foley
Design Expert
Not only is the LUNO VASE a favorite with it's crisp architectural lines and unique shape, it's an extremely versatile piece that combines form with function. 

1. Terrarium style.

Succulents, wire wrapped in moss look incredible set on a bed of pebbles or beads. 

Kokedama (translation “moss ball”) is the practice of removing a root system from its container, surrounding it in soil, then wrapping it all in moss before winding it in string. These ornamental moss balls have become a major trend as of late.

Remember: succulents require lots of sunlight and you should only water them when the soil has dried out almost completely.

Note: shown are two Echeveria succulents and one Senecio succulent.

Luno planted with succulents

2. Use as stunning serving bowls.

LUNO is food safe. Serve salad, fruit, jello or just about anything in here.

Hosting a cocktail party? Use the largest size as a punch bowl.

Use Luno as a stunning salad bowl

3. LUNO is a beautiful container for floating flowers.

Decide if you need illumination. In addition to the floating flowers, would small floating votive candles further set the scene?

Luno with floating flowers

4. Set the mood.

During the fall candles are always a welcome addition to any room to create a warm atmosphere.

Use some sand in the bottom (it makes cleaning up dripped wax nearly effortless) and add pillar candles for a great display on your coffee table.

Luno with candles.

5. Bonus image.

This kokedama succulent is just too amazing to leave out. Use  coloured rocks and other natural elements in your LUNO vase to suit your personal home decor style.

Note: shown is a Flapjack succulent.

Luno with succulent

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