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Whether your dining space is natural, a relaxed elegance or formal elegance, 18KARAT has the perfect accessories to meet your dining style.

Our natural elegant style includes our handmade mud setting, Cast Iron Pots and Cast Iron Pans and hand made clay Oscuro pots from Columbia (available in store only).

Add a few elements from the outdoors to bring nature in and you're set to entertain!

The bright orange papery pods are called Chinese lantern plants - a favorite for fall arrangements.

Harvest table

If you prefer a relaxed element in your dining space, our Exhale Candle Holders are versatile for any time of year. You can fill them with floating cranberries, chestnuts, sea glass or even candies!

Outdoor elements are still added with the use of our gourds and beautiful fall leaves are simply placed into Argea Glasses.

Exhale Vases as Pillar candle holders

Our final table centerpiece is fit for our fine dinners. Use our elegant Lumen Hurricanes in an alternative way. We've used them here to house our flowers. The Argea Glasses, add elegance as tea light holders. And once again, white gourds bring us back to beautiful fall days. Lumen hurricanes as vases

Our ivory Korros Bowl is placed in a supportive role to these beautiful orchids.

This centerpiece would suit any kitchen island or a lovely round dining table.

Dramatic orchids in Korros bowl

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