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It was the inaugural event of its kind on the evening of June 25, 2014 - just a few days after the summer solstice. For many, we assume, it was the first social event of the summer. What better way than to kick off the season in celebration of culinary excellence. We featured Vikram Vij's illustrious cookbooks and our very own Mud dinnerware collection. Guests watched Japanese steel slice and dice, only to be matched by gorgeous heirloom cutting blocks a few steps away. A taste of curry (two kinds, take your pick) and Okanagan wines topped off the celebration! What a night.


Guests promptly arrived at 6pm and got the party going without delay. We witnessed Vikram Vij chatting with every guest in attendance. Designers and design-affiliates fluttered about and mingled throughout the store. (Bottom-right) John Rousseau of Okanagan Block Co. and Jennifer Eden of Occupy Design smile for the camera. ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Two types of delicious curry were being served in this party zone. No wonder there was a crowd here and it was abuzz throughout the night. Did anyone go for seconds? (We did.) ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Onlookers watched as celebrity chef and one of the newest dragon investors on the CBC's Dragon's Den, Vikram Vij, tries out Japanese precision cutlery by Knifewear. When asked what he liked about them, he responded by saying that they had good weight for cutting.
We would also like to add that all of our guests looked sharp (we just couldn't resist).
Minglers hovered around 18Karat's Mud dinnerware collection. Did you know that our Mud dinnerware is used in Vikram Vij's renowned fine dining restaurant? Meanwhile at the party, Vikram continued to engage with fans, posing for pictures and shaking hands. ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
John Rousseau talks about his gorgeous heirloom cutting boards. If you haven't yet seen them in person, they'll soon be available in-store. They are true must-haves for your kitchen. Perfect as a gift for the chefs and foodies in our lives. ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Some guests were in the mood to shop. Special thanks to the store team for all their hard work in setting up the party and hosting the evening for 100+ RSVP guests. It goes without saying, but we couldn't have done it without you! ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Okanagan Crush Pad Winery served a brilliant Bartier Scholefield rosé wine. Made from 100% Gamay Noir, this rosé is lightly tannic as all good rosés ought to be, with refreshing acidity and subtle, yet frolicsome undertones of red berries. It was perfect for our summer soirée. (Bottom-right) 18KARAT store managers Jeannine and Gail welcomed party guests with smiles.
Stacey McLachlan, associate editor at Western Living Magazine, joined the party and chats with Vikram Vij. ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
We loved seeing guests enjoying themselves, partaking in refreshments, stepping right up to product demonstrations and having great conversations. Can every night be like this? ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
While guests mingled at the front of the store, seating arrangements in the back were ready to host conversations later on in the evening. ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Once again, we'd like to thank all of our sponsors for being part of the night, and a big thanks to all of our guests for attending. It was lots of fun. See you at the next one! ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN
Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors and participants! ROVE: EXPLORING THE BEST OF THE KITCHEN

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